Mizuchi started in 2014 by an ambitious sixteen year old, Hanako Muta. After graduating from high school, and not exactly sure of her next move in life, she decided to sell her “hobby"online; hand crocheted bikinis.  As soon as she turned eighteen, she moved over 4,000 miles away from her family to the island of O'ahu (where she currently resides).

     Starting the shop on Etsy in 2014, it was Mizuchi’s hand crocheted swimwear that created the brands popularity. As years passed, their unique handmade lycra suits became just as desired! Mizuchi Swimwear has been featured on 'The Batchlorette in Paradise' 2015, and with the help of Amy Muta, her mother, they’re selling wholesale to stores all over the world.


     From the very beginning, Hanako's intent has been to create reliable and fashionable swimwear; that's comfortable, durable, with a sexy, functional fit. Always keeping those qualities in mind, Mizuchi has been, and will continue to create beautiful swimwear for years to come.


bikinis, bikini, swimwear, swimsuit
Hanako Muta

Creator of Mizuchi Swimwear/Designer

swimwear, swimsuit, bikini, bikinis, handmade, hawaii, vintage bikini
Amy Muta

Sales & Marketing 

Made to last, keep you in style, and most of all, give you confidence. That's our promise to you. Each bikini made by Mizuchi Swimwear is individually inspected to make sure it reaches our high standard of quality. Our signature styles are simple yet sexy, complimenting women of all shapes and sizes. Classic, versatile, and suited for all activities under the sun!