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Top 6 Favorite Trends of Spring 2018

Spring is here and so are the latest fashion trends! I've been spending my free time watching all the top runway shows on Youtube, ogling over luxurious items and the dream-like fantasy each designer creates. It's safe to say I'm totally obsessed with this year's fads so far...There's nothing like filling the closet back up after 'spring cleaning' lol

Pastel Colors, Flower Inspired Hues:

One of the most wearable trends fresh off the runway this season, muted tones of pastel hues. Below are some drool-worthy examples from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Miu Miu.

Our Top Picks:

1. Mizuchi Swimwear Eve Top 'Dust Rose' $68.00

2. Blue Life Kimono Tie Top $88.00

3. Urban Outfitters Clarissa Cropped Top $49.00

Sheer Fabrics;

A trend we started seeing late last year, this cheeky choice leaves little to the imagination. Although I'm sure many of us would love to dress up in a beautiful sheer bodiced, luxurious italian organza fabric ball gown (with swarovski crystals and hand embroidered flowers), sadly that's not considered a 'casual' everyday outfit to anyone except maybe a Disney princess... Here's a few ways to rock this sexy but elegant runway look in the real world.

1. All So Sheer Now Crop Top $36.00

2. Aura Sheer Sock $22.00

3. For Love & Lemons Lottie Ruffle Dress $194.00

4. Out From Under Kia Mesh Top $29.00

Plastic Everything:

Another trend we started seeing last year, and good news (or bad news, depending on who you ask) it's sticking around. I personally love the idea of this trend, it's very minimal-esque, modern, and clean. It gives me circa 1995 Dionne from Clueless vibe and I think I like it. Here's the look on the Runway from two huge names in fashion, Chanel and Valentino.

Our Picks:

(I'd wear the shoes with socks by the way, sweaty feet sticking to plastic is NOT a cute look.)

1. Free People Glass Slipper Heel $128.00

3. Staud Shirley Bag Clear $210.00


Announced as Pantone's Color of the Year, 'Ultra violet' is 2018 Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Here's the color on the runway from Versace to Gucci.

And here's how you can hop on this trend:

1. Mizuchi Swimwear's Daphne Top $48.00

2. UO Maxine Linen Halter Bodycon Dress$59.00


Yes, in all caps because I'm excited about it. I love fringe. There's something so freeing about dangling fabric swinging around one's body and absent-mindedly running fingers through it. Fringe shouldn't even be considered a trend, I think it's more of a lifestyle.

My top pick for this "trend" is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. The Vida bag by Raiscase. I bought this little number three years ago, (yes, three!) and it's been my tried and true purse for almost that entire time. The quality is absolutely incredible, the craftsmanship is what defines perfection. This is a MUST-HAVE....Have I mentioned that I love this bag?

1. RaisCase Leather Double Fringe Vida $235

2. Dolce Vita Katina Loafer Mule $140

Animal Print-

Get ready to let out your wild side! Especially popular in swimwear this year, fiesty animal prints are all the rage. Our favorite look on the runway with this trend is of course by Gucci Spring 2018.

Not to be baised or anything *winks*, but I'm especially loving our own personal animal prints this season.

1. Mizuchi Swimwear Mila Onepiece $150.00

2. Mizuchi Swimwear Audrey Bottom $60.00

3. I.AM.GIA Python Pant $74.00

Thanks for reading babes, hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon!

xo Hana

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