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Hello darlings, I'm back again with some more items to add to your wishlist and/or closet! Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner, soon the sun will be shining and skin will be tanned. But while you're basking in the sun, be sure to protect your little eyeballs with some of the coolest shades on the block. Here are some of my favorite sunglasses (and eyewear companies) that I've been loving lately! 

1. The Cloud Magic Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear.

One of my favorite sunglass companies is one that many of you may know, Crap Eyewear. The California based crew makes everything in LA, and the quality is fantastic for the price. These sunnies are not only affordable, but also so groovy. (I suggest opting for one of their Rose/Red/Pink lense colors, they'll transport you to another dimension, one that's softer and more magical. I seriously can't take mine off, I put them on inside just because I love the way that lense color makes me feel lol.)  Link to buy these babies ---> HERE.

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses by Kimorn

Okay so these have been my favorite cheap pair of sunglasses for awhile now. It was a gamble buying them off Amazon, especially being a brand I've never heard of. But I seriously can't say enough great things about them! For being less than $10, I would have never guessed that the quality would be as nice as it is! If you've been looking for a beater pair of cat eye glasses, these are the ones for you. Available HERE.

3.  Picollo & Grande by Pared Eyewear 

A brand I have just recently discovered, but immediately fell in love with, Pared Eyewear. They are on the high end scale for sunglasses, but they are also completely unique, making the price worth it if you ask me. I can almost guarantee that you'll never see another girl in the same glasses if you buy from Pared. I love the Art Deco-ness of their latest collection, and their color ways are to die for *insert heart eyes emoji*. Here's one of my favorite styles on their site now, Piccolo & Grande in Ivory.

4.  Sonny & Cher by Pared Eyewear 

Another pair from Pared, I know, I know, I can't help it. They just get me. If you've been looking for some circle lenses, look no further, these are the most perfect creation of circle glasses in all existence (a tad dramatic, but I mean every word). They come in 3 colors, all more beautiful than the last. Here's the LINK so you can drool over these too.

5. Le Skinny by Poppy Lissiman

I've been seeing these little tiny cat eye-esque sunglasses all over the gram lately, and although they don't make much sense, I love them. They just scream 'effortlessly beautiful french girl'. Poppy Lissiman has made this cheeky style in many colors, but my personal fav is the strawberry red.(I'm telling you gals, these red lenses are life changing!) Here's the link to SHOP.

6. 53mm Round Sunglasses by Balmain

Do you love designer items, but hate designer costs? Me too. So let me introduce you to Sak's Off 5th, a heaven on Earth for people like you and me. This is where I get all of my designer sunglasses, because let's face it, I like nice things and if I've learned anything from Tommy Haverford and Donna Meagle, it's important to 'Treat yo self'. I've been digging the retro vibes this spring, and these round sunglasses by Balmain (yes, Balmain, discounted Balmain) are giving me major 70's feels. So if you like them too, here's the link to TREAT YO' SELF

I suppose the question we must ask ourselves now is, how many pairs of sunglasses are considered too many...

Until next time ❤️

xo Hana

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