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For a beach gal like myself, I prefer a warm climate located somewhere near the Equator. I like to be half naked lounging in the sun 24/7 if possible. Since recently relocating to California, the sad truth of Fall's existence has begun to sink in. Although I don't like cold weather, I do LOVE to shop! Inevitably, I'm comforting myself through these hard times with retail therapy. My logic is, if i'm going to be cold, at least I can look cute. Below I've shared some of my top picks of this season, hope you like them as much as I do!

1. TOPSHOP Hurricane Leather Boots $170.00

The most perfect Fall boot with a 70's flare. Can't get enough of this burnt orange color!

2. REFORMATION Templeton Coat $288.00

I know love at first sight is real because this coat proves it! Not only is the fit on this baby literally to die for, but it's quality is unbelievable too. I love supporting Reformation because of it's eco-friendly and sustainable fashion practices, nothing is sexier than caring for mother Earth! Worth every penny.

3. RAIS CASE Koko Shia Tote $335.00

Another sustainable brand, local to California. Rais Case has been a love affair of mine for years, I love nice leather goods, and they make the absolute BEST! Every gal needs a big tote, whether you're traveling, in mommy mode, or sneaking in loads of snacks to the movie theatre! This one is guaranteed to last, and it's super stylish!

4. LEVI'S Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans $98.00

Mandatory for your wardrobe this Fall! I love the colors, 'Shut Up' and 'These Dreams'.

5. ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans $51.00

The jeans everyone is wearing, ASOS high-waisted Farleigh jeans are seriously incredible for the price! I wear mine 24/7. They are ultra comfy and go with literally anything!

6. ZARA Mini Denim Dress $49.90

As an owner of this beautiful little dress, let me be the first to say, it's amazing. Super stretchy and easy to put on, this dress is worth the buy! It's a perfect length, and fits true to size!

7. IMAGO-A Embossed Forma Wallet $135.00

WOWWWWWWWW. Am I right?!

8. UO Sweet Dreams Turtle Neck Sweater $49.00

Can't survive Fall without a good turtle neck!

9. REFORMATION Cynthia Jeans $148.00

If you've never shopped at Reformation, now is the time! I can't stress enough how perfect their fits are. I'm so in love with the pintuck design of these jeans, the detail is everything.

10. CLEOBELLA Jada Jacket $188.00

Gotta love a good shag (no pun intended). The colors of this jacket ensure that literally any purse or shoes you pair with it will match! And it's just super cute.

#Fashion #Sustainable #EcoFriendly

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